Who can Purchase a Steel Kit Home

The new trend in home building is buying a prefabricated steel home. Many people are buying steel homes because of the apparent benefits that forego traditional built houses. Although purchasing a steel home will save you time and money, many need clarification on who can buy a steel kit home.

First Home Buyer

Steel Kit Homes are available for purchase by first-home buyers. With affordable designs, steel kits offer an excellent way for first-home buyers to get started on their own homes and build equity quickly.

Steel kit homes are ideal for first-home buyers as they require no land and don’t require any building experience. Steel kit homes are usually much lower than other types of property, such as townhouses or apartments, so that they can be purchased with a smaller deposit and less finance.


Investors are interested in steel kit homes for the same reasons as homeowners. The most significant difference is that investors want a home they can turn around quickly and sell at a profit. They also want to be able to rent out the property while they wait for buyers so that they can pay off their investment as quickly as possible.

Investors can purchase steel kit homes from several different manufacturers. These companies all offer other models, colours, and design options. Investors have many options and can choose the home that best fits their needs and budget. Benefits of steel kit homes for Investors:

  • Easy to maintain – Steel is easy to clean and maintain, which makes it ideal for rental properties.
  • Affordable – You get more home for your money when you buy a steel kit home than if you purchased an existing house.
  • Fast construction time – Once your kit arrives on site, it takes only 2-3 weeks to have your new home ready for occupancy.

Construction Company

Construction companies are the biggest buyers of kit homes. These companies often need temporary housing for their workers and employees. Many of these companies have multiple projects at once, so they need a place for their employees to live while they work on these projects.

These companies need temporary housing for their employees because it is easier and faster than building houses from scratch. Kit homes can be built quickly, saving the construction company money and time.

Business Owners

A business owner can use a steel kit home as a retail store or office space. The house can be used for retail stores such as craft shops, antique stores, or clothing boutiques. It could also be used as an office for lawyers, accountants, and real estate agents. The possibilities of what you can do with these types of homes are endless.

Retirees and Seniors

Retirees and seniors can benefit from having a steel kit home because they do not have the time or energy needed to build their own home. They may also be unable to lift heavy materials or have enough space in their yard for a traditional house.

Seniors often face medical conditions that make completing tasks such as construction projects challenging. They may also be dealing with injuries from falls or other accidents that make it difficult for them to work in their own homes.

Retirees often want to live in a smaller house after they retire, but they still want it to be comfortable and safe for them during their retirement years. Steel kit homes offer an affordable way for these homeowners to live comfortably in their new homes without worrying about the stress of building one themselves.

A steel Kit Home from Straight Edge is of the highest quality and can compete with any other home on the market today. The steel frame is highly weather resistant and requires no maintenance due to rusting or rotting. With a team of qualified tradesmen, your new home will be built to your specific design requirements in only a few weeks. Call Straight Edge today to get your quote.


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Who can Purchase a Steel Kit Home

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