Straight Edge Steel – Our New Japanese Apartment Inspired Space – The Studio

At Straight Edge, we are always working hard to come up with new designs for our customers to choose from. For our latest listing, “The Studio” we have taken inspiration from Japan.

Japan is a country of bustling, cramped metropolises like it’s famous capital, Tokyo, where people live in small apartments stacked on top of one another. But just because the people in Japan live in small spaces doesn’t mean their homes aren’t beautiful.

Our new design, “The Studio,” has some amazing features, including:

  • A smart design that includes bed, bath, kitchen, living and dining room, and deck in just 40.8 square metres
  • Open plan living that still provides privacy
  • Quality materials and affordable pricing options

A smart space solution in just 40.8 square metres

“The Studio” covers just 40.8 square metres of space, making it the perfect solution if you require an extra bedroom or granny flat in your home but don’t want to carry out expensive renovations or additions.

Inspired by a Japanese apartment, “The Studio” has all the features required for modern living, including a bedroom zone partitioned off from the kitchen for added privacy and ‘sense of space’, a generous living and dining area, a large walk-in wardrobe, broom closet for extra storage, and a bathroom/laundry featuring a separate toilet.

The ingenious design of “The Studio” even leaves ample space for a deck.

If you’d like to learn more about our newest listing, contact the team at Straight Edge today.

Open plan living that still provides privacy

As we mentioned above, the bedroom and kitchen of “The Studio” are partitioned with a dividing wall, so you don’t feel like you are sleeping in your kitchen! The living area blends seamlessly with your dining area, which makes the most of a large feature window to overlook the backyard, garden, or whatever you wish! The living area extends outside to a generously sized deck, providing the illusion of even more space inside.

All of the amenities, including bathroom, laundry, and toiled, are (of course!) blocked off from the living areas for extra privacy.

In a small space like this, well-considered design is imperative – and the Japanese are truly masters! Living in 40.8 square metres doesn’t have to feel cramped, and “The Studio” is the perfect example of this. Contact Straight Edge today to learn more about this steel-frame space solution.

Quality materials and affordable pricing options for Straight Edge clients

As with all of our steel kit homes, we have sourced only the best materials for “The Studio,” including:

  • High strength 90mm Bluescope Truecore Enduro steel wall frames and trusses
  • Colorbond Roofing

“The Studio” comes with a 50-year framing material guarantee for your peace of mind.

You can also choose between 2 pricing options to suit your requirements and budget:

  • $45,420 inc GST with stumped floor included
  • $37,429 inc GST on a slab provided by the client

Make the smart choice for your extra space requirements and choose Straight Edge Steel Frame Homes. Contact us today to learn more about “The Studio” and how this steel kit space solution is the perfect addition to your backyard.



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